Fantasy Face Hunt!

Before anything, I'd like to briefly introduce myself; my name is Ruth, I'm 13 and I'm the new graphics designer-co-owner of Fantasy Couture!

As you can see from the title, Fantasy Couture is on a face hunt!

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Graphic made by: Me (Conii987)
Modelling experience:
Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
A bit about yourself:


Good Luck everyone! Spread the word.



  1. Name:ellie(stardoll name:elisavetdella)
    Modelling experience:Yes,on S.M.A.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Style:Because I love modeling and fashion.Also because I have very much style!!!!D
    A bit about yourself:I am ellie .I am 13 years old.I love fashion and modeling.My favourite sport is tennis.

  2. Name: Maggie Parker

    Age: 18

    Skype: designer.queen

    Modelling experience: http://findurloveportfolio.blogspot.com/

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?: You should pick me to be the face of Fantasy because Fantasy is a line that is challenging, it is colorful yet bold, wild yet conservative and fun yet controlled and professional and I think that's a perfect fit for who I am. I know how to mix both fun and business whilst still being on top of things. In addition to that, I know that I am capable to open new doors to Fantasy. Last but not least, I think being the face of Fantasy would challenge me personally and give me insight on everything as well give me a new experience with such a dedicated staff of designers and graphics artists.

    Style: My style is eccentric. Unique and crazy but at many of the times its at that thin line of fashionable. My outfits usually are narrative, they tell a story. Very so often I see that my style is dramatic, I use a lot of patterns and use height to my advantage. Lastly, my style is unpredictable as I tend to match and mix different colors to make different outfits.

    A bit about yourself: My name is Maggie I am 18 and I am a Swiss resident studying medicine. I am a person who reads a lot but still is in touch with my creative side. I am a person who loves art in all its forms, music, visual designs, and in a much larger picture fashion. Last but not least, I enjoy traveling to faraway places and meeting new friends.

  3. Name: Trofesta
    Modelling experience: had a 5 page editorial spread in our generation magazine.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? My doll would fit in well with this brand and it would be an honour to model for this
    A bit about yourself: Im 18 from poland i study art i love all types of music.

  4. Name: Deidra Maxwell
    Age: 18
    Skype: dei.xo
    Modelling experience: I was in Forever Chic & Red Lips Magazine. And I was in Lisa Couture and Pauline Armstrong's first line.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Well that is for you to decide really, but I do believe my medoll has a very original, alluring look about it, and I can practically wear anything.
    Style: Depending of the day, it can be whatever I feel like. So one day, I might be in an all black, edgy look, and the next, a pair of ripped jeans in a crop top being trendy.
    A bit about yourself: Well, I am Dei, I am from America, I love drawing fashion and people. I love music A LOT, so many genres, so little time. And I love the arts, like writing, theater, dancing, paintings, etc. And I am a very friendly person who is easy to get along with. And I am a very peaceful person too, I am very much so a lover, not a fighter.

  5. Name: Ilvija (j like y)

    Age: 13/14

    Skype: ilvicus (please do not contact via skype me unless you contact me in my gb to confirm)

    Modelling experience: ilv123portfolio.blogspot.com (I will update it in 30 minutes time)

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?: Because I try hard and persevere. I do my best and try try again. I love fashion! I believe my doll has a look about her that would quite suite being the face of fantasy Couture... It would be a great honor and accomplishment for me. :)

    Style: Classy yet modern, fashionable and CHIC, changes to suit my mood :)

    A bit about yourself: I am a girl from Latvia. I moved to the U.K. because of some reasons I would rather not talk about, and I love to draw, to dance, and to do drama. I am quite into the elegance of time and history. I like designing and writing. I think that I am quite easy to get along with and that it is possible for me to make friends easily. I used to bite, but now I dont... I can't imagine it anymore!


  6. Name: Elizabeth Grae

    Username: Lizzy1414

    Age: 18

    Skype: Elizabeth.Grae

    Modelling experience: Signed with Portfolio Model Management.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?: I want to wow the runway with my versitality and I want to be a light to aspiring models, so Fantasy Couture is the perfect line to do that.

    Style: It changes everyday! I just let my creativity flow out of my clothes!

    A bit about yourself: I just graduated high school and I am on my way to a fashion writing career. My passion is to model and write. I am a very bubbly person and I ask a lot of questions. I am a perfectionist. And right now, my life couldn't get any better! (:

  7. Name: Bruno Silva
    Age: 15 (almost)
    Skype: brunospt
    Modelling experience: http://brunoexclusiveportfolio.blogspot.com/
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because I am fresh and I am a boy and I think It would look really great if you had an add with a boy may be as a background model without clothes or something, you know?
    Style: street style with a hint of classique
    A bit about yourself: I'm a 14 years old student from Portugal, not much more to say :D

  8. Name: Ioana Andreea
    Age: 16
    Skype: iovanca15

    Modelling experience: I am a model for the Perfection Magazine, I was the model for the first spoiler of it, I modeled for Mode Magazine, Lisa couture, I also won the following things when I won Lite models cycle 1: feature in Lipstick Magazine, feature in Illustrious Magazine, cover + feature in Style Degree Magazine and some other things too:P And I also was the face of SFW and i'm in the finale 2 of Pearl models and i also won stardoll's next top role model competition :D

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I think that I have the potential needed to represent such an amazing clothing line. I want to express my creativity and I believe that this is a chance for me to shine on the catwalk.

    Style: I do take my inspiration from everywhere and there are a lot of places from where I can get inspired, but I believe that my style means the way I can change, remaining yet unique

    A bit about yourself: I'm Ioana, I'm from Romania. I love drawing, painting and designing clothes. I love art and i believe that fashion is ART!

  9. Name: Sofija
    Age: 14
    Skype: / Don't have it / (contact me by Stardoll : Sta988)

    Modelling experience: I was in several modeling competitions on Stardoll, such as ENTSM, Ruby.Models , TopModelAgency.. I was never in a magazine or fashion show before. I applied for several modeling agencies/magazines & I hope to get accepted somewhere. :)

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Well I see that a few very well known models on Stardoll have applied to this. I know this sounds a bit b!tchy, but I'm a little tired of seeing them everywhere (no offense, you do what you need to do to stay in the game ;).. In every magazine, Fashion Week etc. & I personally think that us "newcomers" don't really get a chance to build up our career, because we are always in the shadows of "the queens" . That is why I think you need a newbie , a fresh face like me, to bring a twist to Fantasy Couture !

    Style: Always accessorized .

    A bit about yourself: I'm Sofija, from Serbia/Belgrade. I love drawing & sketching. I have blue eyes & pale skin. I'm a brunette. Currently loving the summer & strawberries! ;33

  10. Name: Courtney
    Username: xXCO-COXx
    Age: 19
    Skype: Don't have one :s, but can get one if necessary
    Modelling experience: None as of yet, however i'm appearing in a couple of projects coming up, check out http://xxco-coxxportfolio.blogspot.com/ for more details
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because i'm new to modelling so i have a fresh new face and i absolutely love the style of Fantasy, and it would be amazing to be a part of it
    Style: Me
    A bit about yourself: i don't really have a way with words, but i'm very enthusiastic and passionate about being a model. 19 yo from England, brown eyes and brunette hair, currently wating & wishing for the sun to come out!

  11. Name: Rihanna Cole

    Username: Alexcendraburke

    Age: Seventeen

    Skype: rihanna.cole1

    Modelling experience: vaniTEEN Magazine, Dominique's Lingerie and another two witch I can't reveal but I could on skype.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I am my own style, my own person. A strong woman who is a huge fashion addict. I live in a small part of Spain in witch isn't that major with fashion, so being my own self with a unique, vibrant style really makes me stand out. So I try my hardest, and give alot of effort for my beauty and style to reach my likes, and I hope yours too.

    Style: Edgy, chick and colorful. I'm a dark skinned women with a sweet colorful style, but I bring alot of edginess into my looks. Bring the bold.

    A bit about yourself: Who am I? I'm myself, a really independent women. Seventeen is my age and my descent is American Spanish and Dominican. I enjoy to act.

  12. Name: Ciara Murphy
    Username: Ciaraleanne
    Age: 16
    Skype: Ciaraleanne
    Modelling experience: ciaraleanneportfolio.blogspot.com
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because I can see that the collection is going to be really colourful & I'm a complete colour maniac ;D
    Style: Colourful & Feminine. Although, it may depend on my mood.
    A bit about yourself: I am Irish, in Secondary/High school. I am pretty into fashion but more on the artistic side, I am in love with ALL types of art, I plan on going to art & design college. I'd consider myself a quite shy person, although that completely changes with friends & family (:

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  14. Name: K
    Username: sparklewand12
    Age: 18
    Skype: sparklewand12
    Modelling experience: For DANG! Magazine
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I'm a new face, I've only done one thing that hasn't led on to anything amazing, and I think that being the face of a brand gives you the security of having something, but also the drive to go out and get yourself noticed and get booked for other things too.
    Style: Classic, I try to be fashionable, and will usually have someone to get ideas or tips from, right now it's Kate and Pippa.
    A bit about yourself: I'm 18 and at Uni studying Sports Medicine/Physiology, I'm on summer break now until September(and have been since the start of May!!!) I'm quite a girly girl and buy at least two fashion magazines a week so I can keep up with the trends. I also love art as I find fashion and style are forms of art.

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity,
    Love K xxx

  15. Name: Chace Clark
    Username: Chace.Clark
    Age: 15
    Skype: Chace.Clark
    Modelling experience: Many, but I can't tell because the issues, collections aren't out yet :)
    Why me?: Well I think I have a pretty special (stardoll)face and many users already told me that.. I actually think you'd make a good milestone if you'd pick a male instead of a female as the FACE!
    Style: extraordinary but elegant and my 'selfmade'hair plays a big role in my outfits.
    A bit about myself: I'm 15, male and I'm living in Germany, but my mother is Dutch and my father's Swiss. I'd like to draw, make graphics play the piano and go to an acting class :)

    thanks anyway

  16. Name: Christine Grubisa
    Username: GothRibbon
    Age: 15
    Skype: ChristinaTheGhost

    Modelling experience: Covergirl of Admire magazine, model in Cyanide & Runway magazine, Ribbon clothing line.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?: New, fresh face on the runway would definitly be attractive.

    Style: Its variable and most of the time it depends off my mood.

    A bit about yourself: Im 15 years old girl from Croatia. My role-models are Taylor Momsen, Coco Chanel - they are also my fashion icons. I love art, and everything what is connected with it, and Im planning to become a fashion designer. I spend my free time reading books about fairies and other mystical creatures.

    ~Christine :)

  17. Name: lukansha

    Username: luka_jewel

    Age: 13

    Skype: i dont have

    Modelling experience: yes i'm currently the covergirl for Wanted magazine by fuzzygirl125 (http://wanted-stardoll.blogspot.com/p/issues.html) the purple one

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? cuz i have the correct atitude u need im hard working and inspiring and aspiring model n most of all you will never regret choosing me btw would love to be a part of it.

    Style: chic, unique, Bold, moody

    A bit about yourself: umm i'm from india. I have a unique style of mine im unique in myself i believe in myself and am confident.

    lukansha <3
    p.s. stylish graphic rlly like it

  18. Name: Gabby
    Age: 13/14
    Skype: gabi_jabi7
    Modelling experience: Im model for Stardoll Spoilers Magazine
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Its time for new faces in the modeling and i think im perfect :)
    Style: Classy; Vintage; Bold - simply ME
    A bit about yourself: Im young shy girl from little country.Im really creative with my sd outfits and make up; if you want you can check some graphics that i did with my doll here: http://mgm505portfolio.blogspot.com/

  19. Name: Lisa
    Username: IrishLily09
    Age: 11
    Skype: IrishLily09
    Modelling experience: Not much experience , I was in the February issue of Red Lips Magazine and was in the final of Flawless Models.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Well I'm new.I'm a fresh face.People are getting tired of the same elites being picked time and time again.I think you should pick someone who is new , a fresh face.
    Style: My style is a mish-mash of everything.Indescribable really :)
    A bit about yourself: My name is Lisa , I'm 11 years old.Im a child model , haven't done any photoshoots or commercials yet though , I've only been signed for roughly..three months :)

    Lisa xx :)

  20. Name: Josi Monson
    Username: josiemae8445
    Age: 16
    Skype: josie-mae
    Modelling experience: none as of yet, i'm ready to make it big
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because due to me not being a model of anything, it would be great to bring a fresh & new face to the line. Seen as though all of the usual models are always picked, it would be nice to introduce someone new who has never been seen before!
    Style: Unexpected, Stylish, Unknown, Confusing.
    A bit about yourself: I am 16 and have just recently finished school. In september i will be starting college to study Fashio, Textiles, Media, Music and Performing Arts. I am very creative and basically a generally nice person. I write for Bef For More and Extravegence Stardoll. I also have my own blog called Stardoll Wipeout :)

  21. Name: Camila
    Username: CamiBarcelona
    Age: 14
    Skype: -
    Modelling experience: She currently has me, Lulita-15, as manager, she is part of Allure Models, she is new on stardoll, that means her modelling level is currently 0, but the fact that she has a manager, and is part of a modelling agency she has a 5. She is waiting for some modelling answers aswell.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Because she has an original face barely seen on stardoll. I know this excuse may be actually boring to listen to, but this girl is not only new in modelling but also in stardoll and english community. She is pretty interested in modelling that she came to me and she convinced me on choosing her as a client.
    Style: Exotic, Latino, Colorful, it's not as 'elites' way of dressing up, it's another face of Stardoll that I guess none of the English speakers discovered yet. Luckily I did, and I discovered that it's plenty of life and joy.
    A bit about yourself:
    She is 14. She is from Barcelona, Spain. She's part of these kind of girls who likes discovering new sides, places, things, and that it's why she decided to make a trip and discover English side. Here she will be searching for a long and successive modelling career. She's starting but winning everything she wants. She will be a great top model in stardoll. If it is important she already modeled in real life for United Colors of Beneton.
    Sincerely, Her manager, Lulita

  22. Name: Anna
    USERNAME: Anna9255
    Age: 16
    Skype: ---
    Modeling experience: a model at Red Lips Magazine
    Why we should pick you, as a face for Fantasy?
    Because i really want to, i never being a model but in Red Lips Mag, but i really want and would be honor if i'd be face of fantasy!!
    Style: Depends on my mood..and the colours of course depends on my mood especially..
    A bit about yourself:
    I am a 16 girl...from KSA...and that all i can say...yeah...and i am a shopaholic!!!
    And makeup is my life...

  23. Name: Sierra
    Username: iswim19
    Age: 15
    Skype: iswim19
    Modelling experience: iswim19portfolio.blogspot.com
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I love what I've seen of Fantasy so far and it'd be a true honor!
    Style: casual, laid back, vintage hollywood glamour
    A bit about yourself: I'm 15 from New York City, NY.

  24. Name: Wiktoria
    Username: LadyRosalie98
    Age: 13
    Skype: vikki.pasternak
    Modelling experience: model at Red Lips Magazine :) like Anna9255 :D
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    I really want to be face of Fantasy . I very liked this site and collection maybe will good :D (sorry for my English ;<)
    Style: my original :D always diffrent
    A bit about yourself: I'm from Poland . I like designing graphic and modeling :> .

  25. Name: Lyndie
    Username: RulerofRoses
    Age: 14
    Skype: RulerofRoses Lyndie
    Modeling Experience: None yet. Unless you count the banner of my blog (which will be going up shortly). bestardollsstar.blogspot.com
    Why: Because I want to prove that someone that isn't really known at all can make it as a model.
    Style: It depends on my mood. Think trendy/dramatic/glamourous.
    A Bit About Myself: I'm an OCD Perfectionist. I don't do something unless its done right and I'm sure I'll be able to win.

  26. Name: Kimberly
    Username: xxlovexx
    Age: 19
    Skype: KimberlyDeanX
    Modelling Experience: I've been Covergirl of Dirty Magazine and have been featured in a few magazines, most recently being Posh. And in one or two fashon lines. My modelling career is beginning now really.
    Why: I want to prove that just because you don't have that usual generic look, you can become a great model and be featured in great things. I'm not known, and I haven't modelled in much, so this will be a great boost to my modelling career. Fantasy Couture also seems like a fantastic line, so it would be a fantastic pleasure to represent it and be the face!
    Style: Edgy, bold, unknown. It's hard to put it into words... Androgynous and extraordinary. Fierce. ;D
    A Bit About Myself: I'm a 19 year old fashion addict from the USA. I'm addicted to anything with studs, zippers or chains. I enjoy travelling, exploring into different places and unusual cultures, and seeing everything different. I put everything into an artistic perspective, I'm like that. Give me a badly painted painting, I'll point out the goods. I'm a very positive person and I sure do hope that I'm fun to be around. xD

  27. Name: Debbie
    Username: supa_star4real
    Age: 16
    Skype: debbie4lyf (notify me who you are)
    Modelling experience: Classique Awards party invite, going to be in Red Lips Magazine, Dominique's Lingerie, Paradox by Hrly (http://supaportfolio.blogspot.com/).
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Well, besides from the fact I'm different from everybody else. I mean everyone's different in there own little way. I'd like to be your face because when people see me on the runway, the first thing they should think is "who's that new face"? Because I don't appear every where. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I will bring a fresh (and different) face to the table.
    Style:Different, Inconstant, Un-Typical, Colorful, Casual, Fetch
    A bit about yourself: I'm 16 years old, living on the Midwest coast of the United States. I can be lazy, but i still have the mentality and metabolism to participate in sports like volleyball. I'm a total fashion freak, I love showing my ways through the clothing I wear. i hope to be an entrepreneur when I'm older. And I can be very social and anti-social at times. And I love having a laugh. Anything more, just ask me :]

  28. Name: Ashton Eramya

    Username: ashy_loves_you

    Age: 16

    Skype: ashy8bubbles

    Modelling experience: ashylovesyouportfolio.blogspot.com

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I've never really been the face of anything and I haven't done much modelling but I feel as though if I become the face of Fantasy it will be such a great experience and it's also a great place to start off my career in modelling.

    Style: I can't really define my sense of style but I am greatly inspired by Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and New York. My style changes on a day-to-day basis, whether I am a "pretty in pink" girl one day, and the next I can be a "Fallen Angel" kind of girl. I love changing my style and giving people something they'd never suspect.

    A bit about yourself: I was born in Australia and have lived here my whole life. My dream is to own my own fashion label one day. I've been in love with fashion since an early age and growing up I was very unique compared to many other boys my age. When I was growing up I'd like to collect Barbie dolls and design their clothes. As I grew up I separated with them, and one day I found Stardoll. On Stardoll I can express myself and still do what I love without anyone knowing. I feel like Stardoll replaced my actual dolls but overtime it has come to be one of those things that you can't live without. I really don't know where I'd be without it.

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  30. Name: Julia
    Username: Shuricka
    Skype: Margo72000
    Modelling experience: none as of yet, i'm ready to make it big
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?Previously, I was never chosen to be on the cover of anything. Actually, I did not even complain to the casting of this type. It would be a great opportunity to show what I am really. Couture Fashion is very close to me due to its avant-garde and the manner of its presentation.It is the only form of expressing feelings and emotions that really speak to man. Or at least to me.
    Style: It depends on my mood, weather and other factors. I put an additive rather than on the same clothes. Long earrings, countless bracelets, neon shoes and bag contrasting with them. Big hats, or other unusual and unique accessories combined with simple clothes - that's my business card.A bit about yourself:I was born in Russia, in Moscow. However, my roots go back to the other major countries. I'm proud of who I am. I grew up, actually I still bring up in a family full of fashion creativity. My mother, my father are both stylists. The rest of the family are includ in photography. In my blood flows varied blood that is pumped into my head many unconventional ideas. They are just waiting to find its escape.

  31. Applications are over now, thanks to everyone who have applied. The official faces will be announced soon!

  32. Name:Lissy
    Modelling experience: Portfolio -LissyBottPortfolio.blogspot.com, I have been modeling for different magazines and fashion-lines, like for you at the last SD-Fashion-Week:)
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Style: Because I'm fresh, autentic, unique and fierce, once you've seen my Doll you'll never forget my name... I think Fantasy is one of the most important things people need. And I really adore your fashion-line
    A bit about yourself: 20 years old from germany..;) I began SD-modeling a year ago, I've been in different agencies like Elite.models and Kharma-models, now I'm working as a free model and I still had some jobs... next to modeling I'm owner of a Blog writing about every magazine, fashion-line and other important things arround stardoll.

  33. Name:Kate.
    Skype:Dont have it.
    Modelling experience:Scenery model.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?Because although I dont have much experience,maybe a fresh face is what you need.
    Style:Casual yet girly.
    A bit about yourself:Im just an ordinary girl born with big dreams.Im from england. I only found out about the wonders of dollywood a few months ago. Which is why I dont have much experience.

  34. Name: Elza
    Username: Mijena15
    Age: 13
    Skype: pelkinsons
    Modelling experience: I don't have it, but i would like to have modeilng experience
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Becouse i think my medoll is very beautiful and funky.
    Style: My style always is different. Then its romantic, then its funky and then rockish :D
    A bit about yourself: Im 13 years old. After month i will be 14 years old. I live in small country in Europe. My country is called Latvia. In free time im making friendship bracelets and im making more outfits on stardoll. In real life i like to draw.

  35. Name: Crystal
    Username: CrystalsJoy
    Age: Tisk Tisk, sorry, I don't give this out for personal reasons.
    Skype: Don't use
    Modelling experience: None, expect modeling my own designs....
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because I am as imaginative as the definition of word 'fantasy' implies.
    Style: Fun, edgy & daring....I like to take risks, trying many different style types. I keep an open mind when it comes to fashion and try to embrace as much as my mind will allow, regardless of what is trendy, in the moment or the majority's views/opinions.
    A bit about yourself: My name is Crystal and I am from California. I enjoy reading, watching movies and baking Chocolate chip cookies. My hobbies range from....anything outdoors....camping, repelling, snorkeling....to being creative, whether designing on StarDoll or being creative (drawing/sketching) in real life. I have a strong desire to travel deep within my soul, I LOVE history and desire greatly to travel to ALL historical locations and to soak in their own unique and individual beauty. Two random things,...I LOVE....my dog Killer (Miniature Pincher) and Wall.E from Pixar....sigh....if only I was a robot...watch out EVE!!!!!!!!!! : D

  36. Name: Rachel

    Username: dancaholic98

    Age: 13

    Skype: I dont have one.. I have a fb though - Rachel FA

    Modelling experience: Lets see.. Ive modelled in various albums, sceneries, and a few blogs but its been a while since Ive modelled.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? My medolls are very simple and elegant and I would like to start back modelling on stardoll.

    Style: On stardoll? Vintage, elegant, colourful. In real life, simple, girly.

    A bit about yourself: Well Im from Ireland and love dancing, singing and drama. perfoming in general! I also like to read and draw, and am obsessed with Lady gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and HARRY POTTER1 :D <3

  37. Application

    Name: Jessica
    Username: Iamtheanonymous
    Age: 16
    Skype: I don't have(but I can make if it's necessary)
    Modelling experience: Well, I won many competitions and prizes, I'm an album model for many girls, I've made photoshoots for many medolls and I'm also a teenage model in real life so I have a better experience. I won a make-up competition on UnderneathStardoll blogspot(Katy Perry look). She like my make-up looks and from this day she puts me on her first line and this is an honour for me.



    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? You SHOULD pick me, beecause if you're looking for a person who has a real style, who knows what she wants, who is professional with a good character, you are looking for ME! I know the history of fashion,many designers, the history of many 'fashion houses' and of course I know what I CAN do...
    Style: My style is glamorous,chic,mysterious and sometimes depends on my mood. BUT if I'm doing my JOB, photoshoots, magazines etc I CAN TRANSFORM to any GIRL you want! This is PROFESSIONALITY!
    A bit about yourself: My name is Jessica, I'm 16 years old, and I live in California. I'm travelling a lot, I love shopping and I kill for fashion! I can leave without shopping. I love going out with my friends, reading fashion magazines, I love sushi and my favourite colours are pink, red and black. I'm a creative person. I love drawing, designing clothes, reading books, and watching TV (Heroes,Gossip Girl, E!, Fashion TV). My favourite singer is Xtina Aguilera, and fashion icons Alexa Chung and Lady Gaga. I can live without my make-up, iphone and laptop. It will be an honour for me to work for FantasyCouture and I'm sure you would be very impressed and satisfied :)

  38. Name:A&J
    Skype:dont have one.
    Modelling experience:None yet :/ But Im signing up into many modeling agencys right now (:
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Style: Because my medoll is unique just like I am in RL. I dress what feels right to wear and this magazine seems to catch my eye a lot, by all the colors :)
    A bit about yourself:In my free time I like to edit stardoll pics, play the sims 3 and draw :D

  39. Name:Henna Diamond




    Modelling experience:I've model for Eccentric and VaniTEEN magazine,I've walked for BYS spring 2011 Fashion show during SFW and I've been in numerous stardoll modeling comps usually always making to atleast top 5: mels models,sparkling models, vanity models,etc...

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I have a face that is exotic and that is what fantasy is about.Also,I come from a carribean family and my background and culture is all about liveliness and color and I think I can express that for the line and I would fit the theme perfectly! Also,I am mature and I would represent in a presentable manner. I would be a dedicated partner and wouldn't let you down. I have competed with a lot of well know sd models that have become my friends and I've been trying to get myself exposure and this would be an awesome oppurtunity to be a huge part of this industry and to really help my career and and it would amazing to wear such beautifully crafted clothes from a wonderful clothing line.

    Style:I usually dress how I feel,but mostly a mix of modern elegance with a twist of a romanticism,but with a bohemian edge. I just like variety in fashion and I embody it. Also, I love colors,colors,colors-it's just fun to experiment and I usually like dressing in summer cuz that's when you can really feel free and show off your style.

    A bit about yourself: I'm an nyc girl that loves music and I play guitar and keyboard. I also love to sing and dance and I enjoying blogging on Seen On and I love fashion shows and modeling! :)

  40. Name: mari
    Username: Jody_Cailin
    Age: 20
    Skype: not yet

    Modelling experience: i only have got a model agency (polaroid model management-run by blingjane), but please have a look at my portfolio: jodycailin.blogspot.com

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Because I want to be a part of this alternative, unique and colourful magazine. It would be my first real model experience and i think experiences are good anytime.
    Style: Classy, Chic, Glamourous.

    A bit about yourself: I am 20 and just finished school. I am from Germany. My Hobbies are fashion, fashion design, reading, animals, music and friends - and learning to do great sceneries in stardoll :)

  41. Name: Mia Hye
    Username: Moonsick
    Age: 17
    Skype: yes

    Modelling experience: Non. I never tried out as a model before.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    I got a speciel look. People notice my face. I think that's one of the most important things about models. it will also be a huge opportunity to be a part of this team and get some experiences.

    Style: Quirky, MORE IS MORE

    A bit about yourself: Im 17 years old. I live in Denmark. I spend alot of time in the nature, collecting different kind of plants for tea or medication. I belive in mother earth and the spirits of the nature. Besides all that I speak danish, english, german, spanish and faroese.

  42. Name: Elina (Lunae Felis)
    Username: MustKiisu
    Age: 17
    Skype: elsukas18
    Modelling experience: 2 months in model school + two fashion shows
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because I love fashion, trying new looks and styles. I also want to be a model again.
    Style: Casual smart/sporty
    A bit about yourself: So, I'm 17 years old and live in Estonia. I love photography and collect different beautiful photos. I also like dancing and sometimes partying. Going on walks by the sea or in the park are my favourites. I speak Estonian, Russian, English and a little bit German. And I live in Estonia.

  43. *Name: Margarita

    *Username: Star-kamilla

    *Age: Twelve

    *Skype: -

    *Modelling experience: I've been a model in lots of blogs, mostly of them are Latvian blogs, because I'm a Latvian. I have entered in lots of modeling contests and I have won them.

    *Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? First of all, because I'm a girl with a big fantasy, If you'd tell me to make an outfit or make up with one theme , I'd do it with all my fantasy and with my big heart. However, the brains for me are only for the school. :D

    *Style: First of all, It's unique. It's elegant, but in the same time - crazy.

    *A bit about yourself: I'm a fantasy full, artistic Latvian. Why am I artistic? Because I'm a singing artist, drawing/painting artist and dancing artist. My hobbies are - Music, Art, Music, Animals. I don't wear fur, but my mom does. :(

  44. Name: Dominyka (Yes, I am from Lithuania)

    Username: DominicaKaran

    Age: 16

    Skype: PureMorning. (But, please, contact me on StarDoll first)

    Modelling experience: None.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? Because I am very inspired by your collection, I think it is amazing, I would really like to model for you and I am sure I will manage it, I am going to do my best.

    Style: Fashionable, edgy, creative, various, interesting.

    A bit about yourself: I am confident, easy to communicate, creative. I love music, dancing, spend time with friends. I am also ecology activist, animals lover.

  45. Name: Rebecca D. Flynn

    Username: becki123

    Age: 17

    Skype: beckisaurus_

    Modelling experience: Covergirl for a little magazine: Venus Butterflies Magazine. {deleted}

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I would love to be a model for the fashion line. I absolutely love the bold colorful colors of the clothing. I think this collection will look good on my medoll.

    Style: Edgy, Bold & Elegant

    A bit about yourself: My name is Rebecca. I'm a 17 year old female from Nashville Tennessee. I love photography. I'm very artistic in RL. I dance a lot. I am a natural blonde but i dyed my milk tea brown. I was born in Dallas, Texas. & my fashion icon is Lady Gaga.

  46. Name: Gabrielle Evans
    Username: musicgirl505
    Age: 14
    Skype: gabi_jabi7
    Modelling experience:
    Chloe`s Graphics Gallery
    Stardoll Spoilers Magazine
    Tidal Swimwear
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?i really think i have the look!
    Style: classy modern
    A bit about yourself: well im only 14 and im hardly trying to become more popular and the best way i think is modelling i also love fashion and im really creative

  47. Name: Shauna
    Username: shaz.d
    Age: 15
    Modelling experience: I have done a few smaller blogs mostly for FA.2 I have also done alot of albums , I know that is not much but it is some and I enjoy doing modeling no matter how small or big the modeling job is.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I think I would really benifit this blog as I work hard and I think I would really fit in with this line. I am big into lots of colours and I would think I am quite a fun person which is what this blog is. I would also enjoy modeling for this blog. I think that if you want to be a good model you have to enjoy it.
    Style: I would say I am a bit of a mix of everything. I show my mood through my clothes. I quite like rock music so alot of my clothing may be a bit edgy but I would also descibe myself as bubbly and I love colours, So anyhtin blod and bright would be my style too. I can also be girl when I want to and consevitative, as I said I like to express my feelings through my clothing.
    A bit about yourself: My name is Shauna I am 15, I love to laugh and would do anything to laugh. I love music too. I love making friends, everyone is so nice. =] I enjoy life and take everything in my stride.

  48. Name:Aleksandra
    Skype:Don't use Skype..Only Facebook:Sandra Vi Bonham
    Modelling experience:I've been in a few albums and presentations,and I'm model in real life.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?:Because I will do whatever you want me to,I'm always on time I can buy whatever clothes I have to buy cause money isnt problem for me.
    A bit about yourself:I'm a model,I love chocolate,shopping and boys :D My life moto is:Live life to the fullest,and that's what I'm actually doing :)

  49. Name: Jeannette Gabrielli
    Username: pau.cam.arena
    Age: 16
    Skype: my camera crashed down, but you can still contact me in facebook as Jeannette Gabrielli, twitter as @JeannetteSd or E-mail jeannette.gb94@hotmail.com
    Modelling experience: here's my portfolio http://jeannettegabrielliportfolio.blogspot.com
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? because I think this could be an awesome experience and an oportunity to show girls that everyone is beautiful in their own way. And I also love what you did in the spoiler!
    Style: Glamorous, Elegant and very feminine
    A bit about yourself: Well I dont like to judge myself so I asked a friend to tell me how I am, She said that I'm a very nice person, where everyone can trust in, i'm very honest and I like to be always trendy, trying to put my own style on each thing I do.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Cant wait to see you in SFW!

  50. Name: Rachael Parsons (I prefer to use the name Lilith Babalon as my modeling name.)

    Username: Lilith_Babalon

    Age: 44 in real life-- even "old people" play Stardoll. My medoll is obviously much younger.

    Skype: Just got new computer and haven't installed it yet; haven't needed it thus far. Let me know if you really need it and I will install.

    Modelling experience: Chosen as a model for Paradox by Hrly. My portfolio can be found here: http://lbstardollportfolio.blogspot.com/

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? I think you should pick me as I have an interesting face, especially my eyes. They are golden coloured and really stand out in great makeup. Plus I'd enjoy seeing just what your artistic & creative vision and my medoll could do-- it's a chance to make some outstanding high fashion art!

    Style: In modeling I can do anything from Park avenue to punk, girl next door to diva, and anything in between. My personal day to day style is chic, sophisticated clothes for evening wear, and usually fitted cute tops and skirts of jeans for day wear. And I always have fabulous shoes!

    A bit about yourself: I am new to Stardoll and Stardoll modeling. I think I am often at a disadvantage with being honest about my age-- young people look it it and think "ewww, old lady", but do not realise that a) my medoll doesn't look "old", and b) nowadays in the real world, women can be in their forties & beyond and still look amazing. Look at Demi Moore, J-Lo, Salma Hyack and so on. Furthermore, I adore fashion and live by this quote from Oscar Wilde: "One should either be a work or art, or wear a work of art." I strive for both, in real life and in Stardoll.

    Thank you for your consideration. :-)

  51. Name: Julie Zhu
    Username: JazzyPants381
    Age: 14

    Skype: Dont have skype, but I have tumblr, twitter, and email. its best to contact me using email : little.miss.ice.princess.87@hotmail.com

    Modelling experience:I have modeled for 3 albums, and i may be modeling for 2 more.

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?: at first i wanted to apply as a model, but i didnt realize that those applications were over! so this is my only hope now to be a model of my dreams for a famousa fashion line! :) I practically love fashion, it is my life, and to model it would be a dream. ive wathced shows like americas next top model, and i even have taken a summer fashion course last month too! my face although it is not supermodel material, its a sweet cute face, and faces like those, i believe, can model anything, because it is whats inside , of course if any part of the mouth eye, or cheek, i can make adjustments to your liking :) I promise I work VERY hard, and get everything done on time

    Style:hmm... i love and fit any style... except i dont really like gothis, emo, style too much... i guess you can describe me as a trendy chic! but i could work any style as i said before.

    A bit about yourself: hmmm... I love to draw... no.. im good at drawing... especially people (faces, human figures) and i figure skate , i have a regional competition this thursday in fact, so i train almost everyday with skating! I am a straight A student and i love taking care of little kids! and i love animals! AND fashion! :)

  52. Name: SueEllen
    Username: CuteSueEllen
    Modelling experience: not on 'stardoll'
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy? If I have the right look for the job, then by all means pick me : )
    Style: Eclectic
    A bit about yourself: I am creative, constructive, real and kind. I am connected to animals, speak many languages and believe in other life but on on Earth.

  53. Name: Lauren Clarke
    Age: just turned 14
    Skype: sorry don't have one...but you can contact me by lololac12@gmail.com.
    Username: lylycutie
    modeling experience? none. :(
    Why should i be the face? I think i could because i think my medoll has a beautiful look, and i absolutely love this blog and stardoll.
    Style: Vintage glam most of the time, but i love exploring all types of styles.
    About me: I spend my time with sports, i try really hard with school, and i love trying on new outfit and new makeup ideas! My fashion icon is Taylor Swift. =D

    Thanks for reading this! hope you find someone who fits just right!

  54. Punky_lissy, Kate and below, your applications are not included, as you applied too late. I made a comment that applications are over already, but you probably didn't noticed. Thanks.

  55. Name: Abbey

    Username: lollymollygoo

    Age: 14

    Skype: I have msn but not skype but if you would like my msn it is lollymollygoo@hotmail.com

    Modelling experience: I few small blogs/magazines alough I can not really remember the names of since it was a while ago

    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    Something different I haven't really been on a major blog like this one and it sounds amazing

    Style: Unique I don't really consider it a style just mainly black

    A bit about yourself: I am just basically obsessed with stardoll I am on most of my weekends because I have nothing else to do and yeah I like lady gaga and like to be different :)

  56. Name: Alexis
    Username: EnchantedGirl7 (I made it up a while ago)
    Skype: Dont have one but I am in the process of making a stardoll-related email.
    Modelling Expierience: I did some in real life as a child but thats it.
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?
    I think nowadays most models on the catwalk are models we have already seen before and in my opinion its starting to get less exciting. Why not go for someone fresh- faced who has potential, that isnt already polished. I think I could bring an unconventional air to this fashion line, and it would be an amazing experience.
    Style: Kitsch,Vintage,60`s,Boho,Hippy-Chick, Different and not afraid to stand out. Fearne Cotton and Pixie Lott are my style icons. For example right now im wearing half spotty-half stripy high waisted shorts, black crop top that says Hippy on with daisies, black knee socks and blue converses, with a matching sky-blue gummy bear ring and "scene"-ish hair to complete the look.
    A bit about yourself: I am very creative and my creativity gets me very far in school and strangely ,sports. I occasionally have a "mind like a sieve" moment though, and Im pretty clumsy. I am obsessed with the jewellery from punkyallsorts.com and I am glazing sweets and then sticking them on to a frame for my friend. Some things I love are my fluffy hair, Ed Sheeran, Books, Drawing, Fashion, Levi Roots ( He invented reggae reggae sauce :D) Trampolining, Dance, Gymnastics and life. I am a very happy person :]

  57. Name:Lorna
    Modelling experience:None
    Why should we pick you, as the face of Fantasy?I think you should pick me to be the face of fantasy because i'm sure most people are bored of the stick thin,serious faced models.i'm average weight and i nearly always have a smile on my face.also,being the face of fantasy would start my modelling career
    Style:Cute,funky but always practical and modest
    A bit about yourself:I love the tv show shake it up and i design my outfits after their clothes,but i add my own style to it.i'd love to be a model because it would start to show the world stick-thin people are unhealthy and a bad example.i would also like to be a teacher or a fashion designer because i'm great with children and i love designing and sewing clothes for dolls.i don't really have enough experience(or fabric)yet to make clothes for me,but as soon as i do,i will.
    Thanks for listening!!!