Models hunt!

P.S. WE NEED MALE MODELS TOO, so if you are one, apply! :)

Apply in the comments!


  1. Name: Zen
    Username: Dagelyte
    Age: 15
    Description: Edgy, fierce, futuristic
    Experience: None

  2. Name: Ciara
    Username: Ciaraleanne
    Age: 16
    Description of style: Quirky, Fun & colourful.
    Experiance: Haven't really been a model for a while, although I was a model for past projects such as Dioguardi couture, Lipstick Magazine, Cyanide Magazine, Recherche Magazine & more.


  3. Name: Linus
    Username: .pease.
    Age: 14
    Description of Style: Variable. It depends a lot on my mood, but I always keep it original and fresh!
    Experience: Choice Magazine, Cyanide Magazine, Fantasy Couture, Global Group, Kharma, Wonderland of E, Lisa Couture, Loud Magazine, Passion Magazine, Perfection Magazine, Rage Magazine, Red Lips Magazine, BYS Fashion Line, Venus Couture, Speechless Couture, Pauline Armstrong, Lotus Magazine, Éminence Magazine, Forever Chic Magazine, + another magazine which isn't mine to reveal yet.

  4. Name: Zoë Brooke
    Username: Zoe_COUTURE
    Age: 15
    A description of your style in 3 words: Fresh, Elegant and Romantic.
    Any experience? Yes, I have modelled for many Magazines and Fashion Lines such as Wonderland of E, Fashion Week, Forever Chic Magazine, Lotus Magazine, Dirty Magazine, VSSD, Loud Magazine, Admire Couture, Breathtaking Clothing line, Delire, Mode Wear, Paradox Fashion Line, Red Lips Magazine and many others. I am also the face of Sheer and Poise Modelling agencies.


  5. Name: Requeen.
    Username: rence10.
    Age: 15.
    A description of your style in 3 words: interesting, elegant and fresh.
    Experience: none.

  6. Name: Raina

    Username: Bipasha2

    Age: 15

    A Description Of Your Style In Three Words: Sumptuous, Classy, Elegant.

    Experience: None, I want this to be a start.

  7. Name: Elizabeth Grae
    Username: Lizzy1414
    Age: 18
    My style in three words: Simple, Out-Of-The-Box, Romantic.
    Experience: Model for Portfolio Model Management.

  8. name: Risa

    username: candy_blossom

    age: 14

    my style in 3 words: changing every day:)

  9. Name:sebastian



    my style in 3 words:mix-and-match , romantic, colorful

    Experience:no :(

  10. Name: Ciara
    Username: iovanca
    Age: 16
    Description of style: spontaneous, original and fierce
    Experiance: i won Lite Models and SD's Next Top Role Model, i'm in the final 2 of Pearl models, i'm a model for Mode Magazine and Perfection Magazine. I was one of the faces of The Fashion Week too :)

  11. *reminder : you MUST be a follower to apply :)

  12. Name: Courtney
    Username: xXCO-COXx
    Age: 19
    Description of style: Original, Fun, Me
    Experience: Nothing has been released yet, but check out my portfolio with details of jobs and photos :)

  13. Claire
    Indie-Classic, Simple, ME.
    Nothing as of yet, but hopefully...!

  14. Name: Rihanna
    Username: Alexcendraburke
    Age: Seventeen
    A description of my style in 3 words: Chic, Bold & Colourful
    Any Experience: vaniTeen Magazine, Dominique's Lingerie, and two other's that I cant reveal.

  15. Name: Tessa
    Username: TessHelloKitty
    Age: 14
    Description: Glamorous, Unique, Stunning etc.
    Basically, my style is variable.
    Experience: None yet.

    Thanks. (:

  16. Name: Christina
    Username: GothRibbon
    Age: 15
    Description: Edgy, original and chic.
    Experience: CoverGirl of Admire Magazine, odel for Runway and Cyanide Magazine, Ribbon fashion line and next line of Lisa Couture.

  17. Name: Cindy Isabella
    Username: BellaCullen4210
    Age: 14
    Descrition: Original, stylish and FIERCE.
    Expierience: No expierience.

  18. Name: Shani
    Username: Cozmo20
    Age: 14
    Descrition: Japanese,Fruity,Wonderland
    Expierience: My doll is new to the insustry

    Also I have a friend who dosent have blogger he asked me to sign up for him but i'll just leave his name on my application ( Cenk.Farkliyim1 )

  19. Name: Nicole
    Username: Blugoo101
    Age: 13
    Descrition: Original, Glamourous & Laid-Back :)
    Expierience: None

  20. Name: Deidra
    Username: To_Royal
    Age: 18
    Description in 3 words: Risque, classy, edgy.
    Experience: I was in Red Lips & Forever Chic Magazine, Lisa Couture, and Pauline Armstrong.

    I am a newer model. :)

  21. Name: Deb Aderin
    Username: supa_star4real
    Age: 16
    Description: Off Line, Fresh, Unique
    Experience: Classique Awards party invite, and I'm going to be in Red Lips magazine and Dominique's Lingerie.


  22. Name: Emma
    Username: 3mmag9
    Age: 14
    Description: Stylish, Chic, Girly, Matching & Edgy
    Experience: No experience, I think this is a great opportunity to get some :)


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  24. Name: ellie
    Username: elisavetdella
    Age: 13
    Description: modern,sport,trendy
    Experience: Yes,on SMA.

  25. Name: Raluca Marie
    Username: rralucaa1996
    Age: 14
    Description of style: bold , unique , chic
    Experiance: None.

  26. Name: Maggie Parker
    Username: Findurlove
    Age: 18
    Description: Dramatic, Narrative and eye-catching
    Experience: I have experience, been in several magazines such as Cyanide, Lipstick, RAGE, Forever-chic and fashion lines such as Ribbon, and erhm, cant remember exactly :D

  27. Name: Matilde
    Username: Maddie_fashion
    Age: 16
    A description of your style in 3 words: Street, chic, me.
    Experience: No

  28. Name: Ilvija (j like y)

    Username: ilv123

    Age: 13/14

    My style in three words: Stylish, fresh, classic.

    Experience: Model for the yet unreleased Lace, Idol, BU and Venus Butterflies magazines. Blog model for Ooops! magazine.
    This may seem like a lot of jobs, but the magazines are not major, and I'm doing it for friends. My jobs are minor in them. I'm looking for experience! :)

    Pleas gb me if I get a job. Thanks :)

  29. Name: Sarah Ward
    Username: Sary.Babyfayce
    Age: 18
    Description: unpredictable, creative, vintage
    Experience: sarybabyfayceportfolio.blogspot.com/

  30. Name: Bruno Silva
    Username: brunoexclusive
    Age: 15
    Description: daring, grungy, fresh.
    Experience: http://brunoexclusiveportfolio.blogspot.com/

  31. Name: Nicole
    Username: Nikkibear411
    Age: 14
    Description: Unique, Casual, ExtraOrdinary
    Experience: None

  32. Name:Sierra
    Username: iswim19
    Age: 15
    Description: casual, laidback, vintage seventies, lace, with vintage hollywood glamour inspiration
    Experience: Too many competitions to name! & iswim19portfolio.blogspot.com

  33. Name: jenifer

    Username: march83


    my style in 3 words:couture chic dynamic


  34. Name: Lili
    Username: MissLiLLyLo
    Age: 14
    A description of your style in 3 words: glamorous unique with sense.
    Experience: My medoll is currently modeling the latest and the one before collection of Paradox by Hrly. My medoll s is also in the latest Loud Magazine, there are also some opened "contracts" for my medoll. I haven't counted, how many times, people used my medoll on their personal fashion graphcs. In this moment I am a member of ELITE models agency.

  35. Name: Gabby
    Username: MusicGirl505
    Age: 13/14
    Description: Classy; Vintage; Bold - simply ME
    Experience: im model for Stardoll Spoilers Magazine

  36. Name: Mari
    Username: Jody_Cailin
    Age: 20
    Description: Creative, Glamourous, Classic
    Experiences: None. Just an ad in outrage mag (July issue)

  37. Name: natasha
    Username: Natasha-rox286
    Age: 15/16
    Description: Funky, Fresh and Fierce, nothing more than my self of course.
    Experience: None

  38. Name: Olivia
    Username: 2peicesofcandy1
    Age: 14

    Description of my style: Trendy, Ever-Changing, and last but not least, Creative.

    Experience: None! I'll be a fresh face :)

    Thanks so much for reading!

  39. Name : Eva
    Username : Evaki_11
    Description of my style in 3 worlds : Unique, creative, chic
    Experience : Yes, check out my modeling portfolio, evaki11portfolio.blogspot.com .
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

  40. Name: Sofija
    Username: Sta988
    Age: 14
    Description of my style in 3 words:
    Always accessorized. (okay that's two, but I didn't know what else to wright xD)
    Any experience: I have been in modeling competitions around Stardoll , such as Ruby.Models, ENTSM, TopModelAgency, Glimmer.Models, currently in : Prestige.Models & TEB. Other than those nothing else really, I mean none of the magazines, fashion shows etc.etc.. (I have applied recently however x)

  41. Name: Maja
    Username: emolein12
    Age: 16
    Description of my style: Elegant, Uniqe and creativ
    Any experience: no :/ But here I have a graphics with my doll as model : http://oi52.tinypic.com/28u368l.jpg

  42. 1.K
    4.Classic, trendy, girly
    5.Not much, just once in DANG! Magazine

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Love K xxx

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  44. Name: Deckonti
    Username: Countrygurl102
    Age: 16
    Description of style: Sexy, bold, confident
    Experience: Beauty model for Donna Magazine Winter 2010, 3rd place winner in EbonyModels, Dominique Lingerie model

  45. Name - Nee
    Username - CelebLover44
    Age - 12 and a half
    Description - Natural, Honest, Creative,
    Experience - I am a model for Lace Magazine by ilv123 and hope to get more experience. The magazine is out in July.

    Nee xxx

  46. Name:Renee
    Username: emmamoon (I will be getting a membership in 2 weeks)
    Description: Fun,whatever is trending and unpredictable!
    Experience: None (thats why I want this modeling "job")

  47. Oh and also when I try to follow your blog it doesn't let me no matter how many times I log in!!!

  48. Name: Lissy
    Username: Punky_Lissy
    Age: 20
    Description: Vintage and Elegant
    Experience: I've been modeling for you at the last SD-Fashion-Week, so you might know me allready, here's my Portfolio-link with pictures of my other jobs: LissyBottportfolio.blogspot.com

  49. Name: Rafael
    Username: Rafi101
    Age: 14
    My Style in 3 Words: Different, Edgy, Creative
    Experience: I modeled for Royal Magazine and I will model for SD Roses ( maybe at Stardoll Fashion Week). Check out my portfolio:

  50. Name: Lyndie
    Username: RulerofRoses
    Age: 14
    My Style In 3 Words: Trendy, fun, elegant
    Experience: None.

  51. Name:Camila
    Stardoll name:StarMinimon
    Describe your style in 3 words:Natural,casual,and unique.
    Experience:Not much..

  52. Applications are over now, thanks to everyone who have applied! Models will be chosen and announced soon!

  53. Name*: Alexandra
    Nickname*: GirlyKaterine
    Age*: 14
    Describe your style in 3 words*: Colourful, crazy, abstractic...
    Experiense: None

  54. Name*: Mariam
    Nickname*: Mary_Annne
    Age*: 14
    Describe your style in 3 words*: Modern, Hipster, Vintage
    Experiense: None